Rusted Root rocks The Windjammer

Talk about rocking out! Rusted Root who is best known for their eccentric sound and profound percussionists took the stage at South Carolina’s Premier Beach Club “The Windjammer” on February 15th. From the start the group gave it their all which moved the audience so much that dancing ensued. They opened their set with “Welcome To My Party” and ended it with their most famous song “Send Me On My Way” which has been featured in many feature films and commercials. Matilda, Ice Age and State Farm commercials to be exact. 

This is the second time I was able to catch one of their shows and I have to say though the first time was quite….Interesting…I have to say this one was one of the best shows I’ve seen in quite some time. Way to bring down the house guys!  

Check out Rusted Root on Tour at any of the following cities: 

Date Venue Location Tickets
Feb 20 House of Blues Orlando w/The Wailers Orlando, FL Tickets RSVP
Feb 21 House of Blues Myrtle Beach w/The Wailers North Myrtle Beach, SC Tickets RSVP
Feb 22 Southland Ballroom Raleigh, NC Tickets RSVP
Feb 25 Carolina Theatre w/ The Wailers Greensboro, NC Tickets RSVP
Feb 26 LC Pavillion w/ The Wailers Columbus, OH Tickets RSVP
Feb 27 Snowshoe Mountain Snowshoe, WV Tickets RSVP
Mar 01 Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI Tickets RSVP
Mar 03 Diamond Pub & Billiards Louisville, KY Tickets RSVP
Mar 05 The Rave/ Eagles Club w/ The Wailers Milwaukee, WI Tickets RSVP
Mar 06 Genesee Theatre w/ The Wailers Waukegan, IL Tickets RSVP
Mar 07 Piere’s Fort Wayne, IN Tickets RSVP
Mar 08 Ground Zero w/The Wailers Traverse City, MI Tickets RSVP
Mar 11 Cosmic Charlie’s Lexington, KY Tickets RSVP
Mar 12 Old Rock House St Louis, MO Tickets RSVP
Mar 13 Uptown Theatre w/ The Wailers Kansas City, MO Tickets RSVP
Mar 14 Red Barn @ Three Sisters Park Chillicothe, IL Tickets RSVP
Mar 15 The Arcada Theatre w/ The Wailers Saint Charles, IL Tickets RSVP
Apr 10 Rhythm & Ribs Festival St Augustine, FL Tickets RSVP
May 16 Freedom from Fracking Pittsburgh, PA Tickets RSVP
May 30 Winston-Salem Cycle Classic w/The Wailers Winston-Salem, NC Tickets RSVP
Jun 02 State Theatre w/The Wailers New Brunswick, NJ Tickets RSVP
Jun 05 Paramount Theatre-Huntington Huntington, NY RSVP
Jun 06 Hunter Mountain Jam Mountain Dale, NY Tickets RSVP
Jun 11 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom w/ The Wailers Hampton Beach, NH Tickets RSVP
Jun 12 The Maine State Pier Portland, ME Tickets RSVP
Jun 13 Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY Tickets RSVP
Aug 13 The Pavilion at Montage Mountain Scranton, PA

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We Are Harlot set to release album March 2015

Many hard rockers and moshpitters know the sound of Danny Worsnop but it seems his voice is changing. He went from “Screaming” to  “Singing” in just about a year and I have to say it’s a change for the better. This isn’t to knock Screamo music but we finally can hear Danny’s pure talent behind the mic in his new band “We Are Harlot”. 

wah_cover-under2gb_4We are Harlot originated from Los Angeles, California and is comprised of members Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria front man), Jeff George, Bruno Agra and Brian Weaver. Since their creation, “We are Harlot” has signed with Roadrunner Records with their first album set to release on March 31st, 2015. Their sound reflects old school rock and roll with the likes of Aerosmith and Van Halen. This band is worth a listen because they are definitely hitting the right cords and are bound to make history by reinventing and bringing back to life 80s rock and roll. 

Check out their video for their single “Dancing on Nails” below 

You can also preorder/ and listen to their other single “Denial” on iTunes now! 

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Casey Dubie releases new single “Motion Sick”

Have you ever heard someone who sounds like Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams at the same time? Well you just heard it….Yes, Casey Dubie is her name and her new single “Motion Sick” is a musical piece of heaven. 

Casey Dubie is a singer/songwriter whose influences include Noah Gunderson, Ben Rector, Anais Mitchell and Daughter. She comes out of a small rural town in Vermont where she has been writing and playing guitar since the age of twelve. This definitely is one talented woman! Check out “Motion Sick” below! 

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Katey Laurel, the next Sheryl Crow?

When you think of the Mile-High city, you think Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos but there is one woman in town that is bound to make waves bigger than that of Mr. Manning. Katey Laurel is a fun-loving, horse riding artist who expresses herself within her music. Katey’s music ranges from radio-friendly tunes to lush cinematic songs for movies and television. Her instrumental talent isn’t just focused solely on the guitar, she also plays the classical piano and the french horn. 

She’s played venues across the United States including the world-famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee which gives you an indication of the caliber of artist she is. She’s also shared the stage with Howie Day (Collide) and many other artists who have made a name for themselves. 

Katey LaurelMG_4041Her awards and nominations stack up as well including the Walnut Valley Festival New Song Winner, Tucson Folk Festival National Finalist, Great American Song Contest Finalist, NPR Mountain Stage NewSong Southwest  Regional Finalist, Texaco Country Showdown Southwest Regional Finalist, and the International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist. 

Katey was happy to answer a few questions about her journey as an artist
I’m All Ears: How did music become your passion? 
Katey Laurel: 
I have a few defining moments as an artist, really.  
One was when I was five and we were at a family friend’s party…she started playing “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess on the piano and instantly I knew I wanted to play music, so I ended up taking piano lessons from her.  
Second, I played French horn in school and I used to sneak into the empty gym sometimes after school and play haunting melodies like “O Come Emmanuel” and it would give me goosebumps to hear it echoing off the hard surfaces – that’s when I really knew I was a music geek.  
Third, I found out that I loved sharing music in a community setting with other people in the audience at church in high school, and felt that giving a gift of performance to the congregation gave me far more than I’m sure it gave them – that’s when I found I loved to perform and share music with others that way.  
Fourth, my best friend in college bought tickets and we drove across a bitter cold eastern Indiana and Ohio winter landscape to Cincinnati to hear a little band called Over The Rhine play their Taft Theater Christmas concert. I was hooked by the intensely emotional and spiritual experience of songs that they bring to their shows, and I knew that was what I wanted to try to do too.  
I’m All Ears: What is your focus as an artist?
Katey Laurel:  My focus as an artist is to write honest songs that capture what I want to say about life as it happens (sort of an ongoing journal) and to inspire people with the underlying message of hope that seems to permeate most of what I write.
I’m All Ears: What are some of your accomplishments as an artist?
Katey Laurel:  It’s really hard to measure accomplishments in the arts and music in the same way that most people measure success in the business world.  My biggest accomplishments really are hearing from listeners how a certain song impacted them in a life moment or helped them get through something difficult.  

As far as the business side is concerned, I was really stoked to have my song “All The Way Home” played in Starbucks around the globe and finally make it onto Pandora (both of these tasks took five to ten years of encountering closed doors, so they seem like bigger accomplishments when they finally came through).  
Of course, some recognition and validation in the form of winning or placing in song contests or getting placed in film and TV or played on radio is satisfying to my type A goal-oriented side, but really, creating good songs is rewarding in and of itself, that’s why I keep creating even when it isn’t that financially successful.
Take a listen to Katey Laurel’s music below: 
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Nashville’s own Lennon and Maisy release cover of “Boom Clap” by Charli XcX

cover170x170We definitely know the magnitude of voices that are showcased on the TV show Nashville, but nothing compares to the cutest sisters on and off one of ABC’s best shows. Lennon and Maisy who are known as Rayna Jaymes’ daughters on Nashville are also known online as the sisters who broke YouTube with their cover of Erato’s “Call Your Girlfriend” but now they are back with a new and exciting cover of Charli XcX’s hit “Boom Clap” which was featured in the feature film “The Fault in our Stars”.

They slow it down a bit which highlights their voices perfectly. Taking a new approach to the song and making it their own. These girls are definitely talented like their parents who make up the Canadian country duo “The Stellas”. It’s incredible how much talent is within these girls, especially being younger than most breakout artists. Check out Lennon and Maisy’s cover below! 

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Artist Highlight: Ruthie Collins

Are you looking for an artist that mixes a vintage sound with the lyrics of country music? Well this artist we are highlighting is definitely worth a peak! 

Ruthie Collins is a Country/Folk artist from Fredonia, New York who has a similar sound to Kacey Musgraves, and Brandy Clark. Her song Trainwreckin’ is about “Going out when you need to” and definitely has a beat that will keep your toes tappin’ for days on end. 

You can check out her “Live” sampler via NoiseTrade 

1) Trainwreckin’

2) Get Drunk and Cry 

3) Ready to Roll

4) Vintage

“The Classics” the song’s we grew to love and the artists who sang them

There are many artists who have captivated our hearts and minds with their music. We have Garth Brooks with songs like “Life’s a Dance” and “The River” or George Strait with “You Look So Good In Love” and “Carrying Your Love With Me” but there are many more artists besides the iconic ones whose songs speak right to us. Here are some artists from years past who have touched us in many ways. 

Andy Griggs “You Won’t Ever Be Lonely” 

Ty Herndon “Living in a Moment” 

Mark Wills  “Don’t Laugh At Me” 

Cross Canadian Ragweed “17” 

Vince Gill “I Still Believe In You” 

John Michael Montgomery “I Can Love You Like That” 

Clay Walker “This Woman This Man” 

Dixie Chicks “You Were Mine”

Shania Twain “From This Moment”


This is just a few of the artists and their songs who have impacted country music. Who do you think has impacted country music and what songs have cut you deep?