Nate Green’s “Wild And Free” Contest

I know y’all have been waiting for about a month for these details to come out but I think now is the perfect time to release them! I teamed up with Nate Green and his management to bring you a contest that you the fans are just going to love. 

Here is what we came up with. We are wanting you to upload a video of yourself singing “Wild and Free” to YouTube then comment on this post with the link to the video. We will pick one lucky winner to chat with Nate Green. It’s that simple!! We may also pick another winner for an autographed photo but we will see how this goes first. 

You have until Next friday to have your entries in and we will reveal the winner the follow week sometime. I can’t wait to see those videos! Be Creative!

Here’s the video 


5 Reasons Why You Should Love Sam Smith

sam-smith-gayI don’t know about you but isn’t Sam Smith just smoking the music charts? Well recently I invested in his new album “In The Lonely Hour” and I am beyond impressed of what this guy is doing. His songs are true and can relate to just about anything going on within each individuals lives. This prompted me to create a list of the 5 reasons why you should love Sam Smith. 

1) He’s original and his songs can relate to just about anybody

This means if your gay, straight, black, white etc. Any song of Sam’s can call out something that is going on within your life. It’s true, some of these songs speak right to me. 

2) He is a female Adele 

You may look at me funny after this but in all reality, Sam has the range of a superstar and his songs sound like something Adele would sing….so take the range of a superstar and mix it with songs that Adele would sing and you get “Sam Smith: Adele’s Twin Brother” 

3) He’s from the UK 

Yes guys, Sam Smith is from London, England. Ladies I’m talking to you on this one, who doesn’t like a man who can sing his heart out but also speak to you in a sexy british accent…yeah that’s what I thought. 

4) He’s just like you and me  

He may be a pop superstar but he is just a normal human being like you and me. Sam Smith has daily struggles with love, friendship, and life. Not to mention he is OCD. 

5) He’s good-looking 

Screen-Shot-2014-01-10-at-10.14.47Some ladies may think he isn’t that good looking but pair his looks with a set of pipes and an accent and your destined for trouble. He’s music’s next hottie on the charts. 

If you haven’t went and spent your hard earned cash on this album, what are you spending it on? Useless garbage? Go out and get this album or enter for a chance to win his album free here on “I’m All Ears” Music Blog! 


GIVEAWAY: Nashville Season 2 Volume 2 CD


I’ve been super excited to do another giveaway for quite some time. A few months back I was fortunate to obtain Nashville Season 2 Volume 1 CDs from a contact of mine, well they came threw again with Nashville Season 2 Volume 2 CDs. 

If your a fan of the show or know someone who is now is the time to try and win these bad boys. I will pick two winners next week which will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and! 

To enter you can do two things. 

  • Tweet your favorite song of Nashville Season 2 with the #winanashvilleCD and #imallearsmusicblog with @imtaylorrrr attached.
  • Fill out the entry form below for one entry into the drawing

That’s it! Good luck folks! 

Nathan Angelo’s “Out of the Blue” CD Giveaway!

Hey guys! I’ve teamed up with Nathan Angelo to do a giveaway of his new CD “Out of the Blue” which is constructed of 12 songs. If you’d like to win this fabulous CD all you have to do is fill out the form below or Tweet “I want to win @nathanangelo’s Out of the Blue CD from “I’m All Ears” @imtaylorrrr”. Unknown

All of the tracks on this CD will have you up off of your feet and dancing with the lady/man in your life. I wish all of you the best of luck in winning the CD!




Danielle McBain and Julie Brandenburg, Winners of the Nashville CD giveaway!

I’d like to send a big congratulations to the winners of the Nashville CD giveaway! I want to thank you guys personally for coming to my blog and entering! I really do hope you enjoy the CD! 

For those who didn’t win, keep a look out for more contests! All winners are drawn out of a hat, no winners are pre-picked! I will be sending an email to the winners and hopefully will have them out by tomorrow! 

Thank you again! 

Rossi, New Upcoming Rap Artist from Australia

Are you looking for a new rap artist to follow in 2014? Well Rossi is the rapper you should get pumped about. Rossi is from Australia where he has been compared to rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. With Melodic raps and lyrics that can be relatable to just about anybody, there’s no wonder why he is bound to be a hit in 2014.  With a full length album titled “Our Zones Reality” there is plenty of raps to get attached to that will keep your mind buzzing all day. 

Check out his new music video “Live it All” right here on “I’m All Ears”


Not only is Rossi recording music he also has his own clothing line known as OZ-Riginal Streetwear, that has a wide variety of items for sale. We are giving away a sweatshirt and beanie right here on “I’m All Ears”, but the contest is only open to those living in Australia due to costs of shipping out of the country. If you’d like to win some awesome gear just leave a comment below and your entered. 

You can find Rossi on these Social Media outlets: