Rusted Root rocks The Windjammer

Talk about rocking out! Rusted Root who is best known for their eccentric sound and profound percussionists took the stage at South Carolina’s Premier Beach Club “The Windjammer” on February 15th. From the start the group gave it their all which moved the audience so much that dancing ensued. They opened their set with “Welcome To My Party” and ended it with their most famous song “Send Me On My Way” which has been featured in many feature films and commercials. Matilda, Ice Age and State Farm commercials to be exact. 

This is the second time I was able to catch one of their shows and I have to say though the first time was quite….Interesting…I have to say this one was one of the best shows I’ve seen in quite some time. Way to bring down the house guys!  

Check out Rusted Root on Tour at any of the following cities: 

Date Venue Location Tickets
Feb 20 House of Blues Orlando w/The Wailers Orlando, FL Tickets RSVP
Feb 21 House of Blues Myrtle Beach w/The Wailers North Myrtle Beach, SC Tickets RSVP
Feb 22 Southland Ballroom Raleigh, NC Tickets RSVP
Feb 25 Carolina Theatre w/ The Wailers Greensboro, NC Tickets RSVP
Feb 26 LC Pavillion w/ The Wailers Columbus, OH Tickets RSVP
Feb 27 Snowshoe Mountain Snowshoe, WV Tickets RSVP
Mar 01 Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI Tickets RSVP
Mar 03 Diamond Pub & Billiards Louisville, KY Tickets RSVP
Mar 05 The Rave/ Eagles Club w/ The Wailers Milwaukee, WI Tickets RSVP
Mar 06 Genesee Theatre w/ The Wailers Waukegan, IL Tickets RSVP
Mar 07 Piere’s Fort Wayne, IN Tickets RSVP
Mar 08 Ground Zero w/The Wailers Traverse City, MI Tickets RSVP
Mar 11 Cosmic Charlie’s Lexington, KY Tickets RSVP
Mar 12 Old Rock House St Louis, MO Tickets RSVP
Mar 13 Uptown Theatre w/ The Wailers Kansas City, MO Tickets RSVP
Mar 14 Red Barn @ Three Sisters Park Chillicothe, IL Tickets RSVP
Mar 15 The Arcada Theatre w/ The Wailers Saint Charles, IL Tickets RSVP
Apr 10 Rhythm & Ribs Festival St Augustine, FL Tickets RSVP
May 16 Freedom from Fracking Pittsburgh, PA Tickets RSVP
May 30 Winston-Salem Cycle Classic w/The Wailers Winston-Salem, NC Tickets RSVP
Jun 02 State Theatre w/The Wailers New Brunswick, NJ Tickets RSVP
Jun 05 Paramount Theatre-Huntington Huntington, NY RSVP
Jun 06 Hunter Mountain Jam Mountain Dale, NY Tickets RSVP
Jun 11 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom w/ The Wailers Hampton Beach, NH Tickets RSVP
Jun 12 The Maine State Pier Portland, ME Tickets RSVP
Jun 13 Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY Tickets RSVP
Aug 13 The Pavilion at Montage Mountain Scranton, PA

Check out some pictures from the show! Also, follow Rusted Root on Social media: 

@rustedroot -Twitter


103.5 WEZL’s Party in the Park Recap

I haven’t had much of a chance to make it out to one of 103.5 WEZL’s Party in the Park which is held at Waterfront Park in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina on Tuesday’s during the month of June. All month I have been entering to win the Party in the Park’s Tailgate with the Stars. On June 23rd, I got a call from the radio station that I had won the Tailgate for tonight’s event. Though I thought it was a hoax it seems as if TJ Phillips and Ric Rush had picked me and I was more than ecstatic about the whole thing. 

Tonight’s lineup included: 

The Brady Smith Band which is a band out of Charleston, SC. Most of the afternoon I sat next to the main singer Brady Smith and his girlfriend in the air conditioned VIP/Meet and Greet area. Which was an absolute piece of heaven in the South Carolina summer heat. Brady’s vocals were soulful and took me back to the good ole country music we all love. Hopefully one day we will see him just as big as the headliner. 

Next we had,

Chasin’ Crazy which is a manboyband from Nashville, Tennessee whose song “That’s How We Do Summertime” is getting much needed radio play around the country. These boys are the much hotter, more countrier version of the famous One Direction. They are very down to earth, playful and one of the best young bands i’ve heard in quite some time. They definitely know how to cater to the ladies as well. They had them screaming for more. Their songs “That’s How We Do Summertime” and “Slip Away” were two of my favorites they played tonight. Boys keep up the good work and you will definitely go far! 


Craig Campbell who is a more well known country artist out of Nashville, Tennessee. Do I really have to say anything about this guy? I mean his looks and his voice basically speak for themselves. He was one of the nicest most genuine artists I’ve met. He was willing to take pictures and sign autographs for not only me but also with many fans who attended the event. His performance was amazing! I just loved “Outta My Head”, “Family Man” ” Keep Them Kisses Comin'” and his cover of “Royals” was hot!! Though his label went over just three weeks ago he is bound to become one of the first country artists in history to have a number one song without the backing of a record label! Guys go out and buy his song “Keep Them Kisses Comin'” now on iTunes and other music platforms! Can’t wait to see where his career goes! 

I hope you check out some pictures I snapped and I can’t wait to return next year for some more fun in the sun with WEZL and some more country artists!! 

Follow these artists via Facebook & Twitter by clicking the following links: 

Brady Smith Band 


Chasin’ Crazy 



Craig Campbell 




Also special thanks to WEZL for giving the opportunity to cover and meet the artists of the final Party in the Park for 2014! I hope you will have me again all four nights next year! Until then, keep rocking it! 


Nathan Angelo: Concert Review


I didn’t know much about Nathan Angelo until yesterday afternoon when I attended his show at the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms which is located right outside of Charleston, SC. We have followed each other for a few months on Twitter but I never really listened to his music. I managed to catch one of his tweets about being in Charleston and I knew I just had to check this guy out. Was he worth the 30-45 minute drive? Will he be as good live as he is on his album? Many of those questions rushed threw my mind. tumblr_n1zzqwMJla1qb7r67o1_500

We arrived a little past 9pm and listened to the opening act who was pretty good, but all the songs seemed to sound the same to me. People were easily uninterested and one of my friends actually wanted to just go but I insisted we stay to see Nathan because that’s who I really wanted to see. After the opening act exited the stage most of the people there were ready to see Nathan. This gave me and my friends hope that it wouldn’t be a complete bust. 

UnknownNathan Angelo and his band came on stage with much needed energy and enthusiasm to get people up off their feet and dancing. His voice was sharp and in tune and sounded perfect with the accompanied band. He even had me swaying and taping my feet. This guy who sat before me in front of his piano/keyboard was one hell of a musician. Though I didn’t know too much about his music he reminded me of other musicians who have the same style which includes Jon McLaughlin, Matt Nathanson and Matt Wertz. I enjoyed everything about his performance and I would give it a solid 10 out of 10. He was able to get the attention of the crowd and was even ushered out for an encore. He gave one hell of a performance! 

Check out some footage and photos I managed to capture below

Find Nathan Angelo at any of the social media links below

Tyler Boone performs at The Music Farm

The “College of Charleston Gives Back Rock Concert” is a benefit concert that is held in order to help raise money for Carolina Studios. Carolina Studios is a non-profit organization that provides a safe after school program for Charleston County students who are taught how to express themselves in the form of music. The concert featured local artists such as Shannon Vogt, The Dunder Chiefs, Tom Mackell, Donnie Dies, Tyler Boone and The Sun-Dried Vibes but there was only one I was interested in seeing. That guy was Tyler Boone. 

Tyler and his band came on stage around 10:45 right after the band Donnie Dies. Their music was upbeat and the crowd was definitely getting it with their…let’s just say “weird” dance moves but you could definitely tell they were having a good time. I really enjoyed myself and I would have to say “Don’t Forget My Name” and “Home” were my two favorite songs that he played. If you would like to have a new artist to listen to, definitely consider Tyler Boone! 

Below is the interview I did with Tyler Boone a little over a year ago. 

Me: Who inspired you to become a musician?

Tyler: My first experience of wanting to be a musician was me coming home from FYE music record store at the mall and buying all the Blink-182 records and reading all the liner notes just wanting to be Tom Delogne. Blink-182 will forever hold a special place in my itunes. 

Me: What do you like about Charleston?

Tyler: I moved to Charleston when I was 6 years old and have moved to Columbia, SC and Washington State and have always came back. I am so engulfed with the music scene here and how beautiful South Carolina is, especially in the lowcountry. My family lives in San Diego, California and I can’t even imagine moving out there and leaving this town I call home. Charleston has been great to me and just can’t seem to be leaving it yet. I hope to call this place always my home.

Me: If you could play at any venue in the world where would it be and why?

Tyler: If we could ever get the chance to play on a stage at the annual Eric Clapton Crossroad’s festival, I could die immensely happy. 

Me: Favorite song right now?

Tyler: 3000 Miles – The Dirty Guv’nahs

Me: Have you ever had a crazy dream? If so explain it

Tyler: I’ve had crazy dreams after taking Nyquil night-time cough medicine…I’m not aloud to take anymore of it. Ha!

Me: Have you ever been walked up to and asked for an autograph?

Tyler: Yes, and one of the most amazing times was when I was in Charlotte at The Chop Shop in Noda and I had someone approach me and ask for my autograph and also explain to me how “All Of This” got them through hard times in their life. One amazing moment I will never forget.

Me: If you could travel the world where would be your first destination?

Tyler: If I could go to Germany and Ireland and come straight back to Charleston, that would be awesome.

Me: Do you like sports?

Tyler: Oh yes, love Carolina Football and the Saints. “Who Dat”

Me: How do you describe your personality?

Tyler: I would say I am always in the best of moods and I am always looking to keep myself with a smile on.

Me: Have you met a celebrity before? If so who was it and how did you react?

Tyler: When I got to meet Ed Sheeran early this year, that was one awesome handshake. He was such a nice and humble guy, it really did make you appreciate him even more.

Me: What do you want out of life?

Tyler: I want to be able to call myself a full time musician and be successful enough to even take time off and still be able to pay my bills.

Me: If you could describe yourself in one word, what word would that be?

Tyler: Weird. 

Take a look at some photos and video “I’m All Ears” was able to capture! 

Rusted Root takes over the Music Farm in Charleston, SC

Well Well guys, I must say that Rusted Root was a hit with the crowd last night. The Music Farm in Charleston was jumping with different varieties of ages. Anywhere from under 18 years old all the way up to 60 years old which goes to show that Rusted Root caters to just about every age group. 

Before heading down to the Music Farm, I met up with two of my friends who were going to be attending the concert with me. They have never listened to Rusted Root or the other musical guest Donna the Buffalo. They didn’t really know what to expect or what we were going to see when we got there. They sipped on some alcoholic beverages while myself (the driver) drank water, we also managed to squeeze in dinner. Afterwards we headed downtown to the Farm to check out show. 

We arrived and I was checked off the guest list and we headed in to see what we would find. There was some rather COLORFUL people who had no shame in their dance moves. Let’s just say it gave us a pretty good laugh. Donna The Buffalo was pretty good for not ever listening to them but when Rusted Root took over at around 11 it was one heck of a show. I was able to squeeze us up next to the stage and close to the band. I was able to capture some great moments threw video and photos. Which I will post below! 

I will definitely be attending another Rusted Root concert in the near future! Next time i’m definitely planning on meeting them! Enjoy the video compilation and photos!