Rusted Root rolls into Charleston, SC on 10/23

“Send Me On My Way” the familiar lyric runs through the speakers of my Macbook Air, the up tempo melody blended with flutes and an old fashioned washboard make for an iconic song that has been in commercials for several well known companies. Those may not know them by their name but they have the talent and originality to stand out from the rest. Rusted Root, originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in which the group takes a blend of African, Latin American and Native American influences to create a one of a kind sound that has sold over three million albums world wide. 

They continue to take their one of a kind show on the road touring around the globe playing their signature hits. Michael Glabicki, the lead singer stated 

We can never leave a town without playing “Send Me On My Way”

which happens to be a fan favorite but also mentioning that even though their older music is popular they will be mixing in a few new songs off their upcoming album. 

Touring alongside Rusted Root is the Devon Allman Band, which if you haven’t recognized the last name….you should. Devon Allman is the son of Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers. Glabicki enjoys having Devon on tour with them stating 

“He has a great energy about him and he really gets the crowd going” 

Devon’s album “Ride or Die” debuted at #1 on the Billboard and iTunes charts. 


Rusted Root and Devon Allman will be performing on 10/23 at Charleston Music Hall, marking their 4th stop in the last 5 years in the Holy City. Michael stated,

Charleston has a special and unique vibe. The people have a great connection to music and to our music. I can really feel it when we play. It feels real.

If you don’t live in the Charleston, South Carolina area check out one of their other upcoming tour stops! You don’t want to miss these guys!




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