Lauren Shera dishes about album “Gold and Rust”

If you have an amazing ear for music then you know the amount of talented artists that are heading onto the musical horizon. Lauren Shera is no exception as she dives in head first with the release of her third album “Gold and Rust”. A California native transplanted in the heart of Nashville with huge aspirations for bigger and better opportunities. She’s shared the stage with a few of americana/indie genre’s top artists including Ray LaMontagne, Jason Mraz and Billy Bragg. Featured in some of the top music publications, she has been praised for her glorious and perfectly crafted music. According to Billboard, she’s an “Americana-Flavored” artist, whom I believe is setting the bar in the genre. 

Her inspiration for “Gold and Rust” transpired from her recent move to music city, stating “There was a lot of creative fuel at the time; I was packing up and leavi1410357186_frontng my home in California and a lot of really important memories and experiences behind. So I’d been writing and reflecting on all of that and on my surroundings there along the coast where I spent so much of my life.” When asked about her single “Hell’s Bells” and how it stuck out among other songs on the album she explained ” It sticks out to me because it’s such a loaded song; emotionally and sonically, I knew it had to pack a big punch. When you’re talking about things like blatant betrayal, loss of a trusted friend, and the pain that follows, you want to choose your words really careful. I wanted to be as calculated in my statement as I felt this person had been in their actions. Shooting the video was actually really fun and playful behind the scenes, and so it was a nice way to lighten the mood behind this very dark story.”

Since arriving in Nashville, she has been hard at work introducing new music but when there is time to unwind she is usually at “Home! Already this year I’ve been on the road so much that being at home with my sweetheart and my cats and my own bed just feels like something to cherish. But if I have to leave the house you can probably find me at Bongo Java fueling my coffee addiction, or at The Holland House Bar & Refuge for their yummy food and cocktails.”. 

“I’ve just fallen so in love with Nashville and the community here. Truly some of the best and hardest working people I’ve ever met are here, raising the bar for music by just being genuine and staying true to their art. It’s so far from the glitzy country music scene that is often painted of this city.” 

Her dream artist to share the stage with? “John Prine. He is one of the only artists I grew up listening to that is still out there making magic and I just love him so much. Every time I hear him play I just cry.” 

Shera dished about her favorite artists “Joni Mitchell because she really encompasses everything I strive for in terms of her music and her style. That’s a tough one though and depending on the day it could easily go to Dylan, Prine, Young, Van Zandt….the list goes on..” but she also went on to explain if it wasn’t for the music influences and the gift she encompasses she would most likely be attending Culinary School. She stated “Culinary school was always my plan B. I love cooking and baking and I would love to travel around learning how to cook food from all different cultures.” Boy would I love to see what she has going on the Kitchen, if it’s anything like her music I’m sure it’s a REAL treat. 

“I’m All Ears” also found something interesting out about Shera that no one really knows. She loves to write about the ocean because she is inspired by its presence by growing up on the Pacific Coast but she’s absolutely terrified to swim in it. She went on to say ” I absolutely refuse to go in no matter how clear or warm the water is. I can’t handle not knowing what’s beneath me!”. I know the feeling Lauren, I live on the East Coast in the city of Charleston, South Carolina and I love the presence of the ocean but I’m not a big fan of what’s in the ocean. 

She hopes that in the coming years “Having music be a means to travel and see new places is about as much as I could ask for. I just want to know that I can make records that will be heard, that I can go out and do a solid tour and have it be well received, and let that hold me over so I can also have the balance of being at home with my loved ones.” 

As a word to her fans and those who are intrigued by her music she states ” Thanks! Our culture is saturated with music and sometimes it feels like it’s hard to grasp on to one sound in all that noise. I’m always grateful to those who are willing to take a chance on something new and lend me their ears and their support”. 

Listen to Hell’s Bells below 

Keep on eye on Lauren Shera via Social Media as she rises to the top of her genre

Her album “Gold and Rust” available on iTunes today! 


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