We Are Harlot set to release album March 2015

Many hard rockers and moshpitters know the sound of Danny Worsnop but it seems his voice is changing. He went from “Screaming” to  “Singing” in just about a year and I have to say it’s a change for the better. This isn’t to knock Screamo music but we finally can hear Danny’s pure talent behind the mic in his new band “We Are Harlot”. 

wah_cover-under2gb_4We are Harlot originated from Los Angeles, California and is comprised of members Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria front man), Jeff George, Bruno Agra and Brian Weaver. Since their creation, “We are Harlot” has signed with Roadrunner Records with their first album set to release on March 31st, 2015. Their sound reflects old school rock and roll with the likes of Aerosmith and Van Halen. This band is worth a listen because they are definitely hitting the right cords and are bound to make history by reinventing and bringing back to life 80s rock and roll. 

Check out their video for their single “Dancing on Nails” below 

You can also preorder/ and listen to their other single “Denial” on iTunes now! 

Follow “We are Harlot”: 





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