Chely Wright to release studio album

Chely Wright who was made famous for the songs “Shut Up and Drive” and “Single White Female” is making a comeback to music after a long hiatus. Chely Wright became engulfed in a media frenzy when she “came out” as the first openly gay country artist in 2010. When this was revealed those around Nashville began to exclude her from many events.The Grand Ole Opry was one of them. Chely made her first Grand Ole Opry debut in 1989 and she became a regular performer at the venue though she hasn’t made an appearance there since 2010. chely1

Now that it is 2014 and we’ve made amazing strides towards equality, I’m hoping Nashville will open up their hearts and be receptive of Chely’s new found voice. She deserves the best regardless of what goes on behind closed doors and I can’t wait to hear her sing again. It’s been so long. Along with music she has become a voice for much of the LGBT community in which she founded her own charity “The Like Me Organization” that works to prevent LGBT bullying and suicide.

She recently held a Kickstarter campaign to fund her new studio album in which she exceeded the goal amount. You can check that out below though you can no longer donate.

Look for her new album within the next year! 


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