Bro Country Can’t Top This

528891_428449020527881_1721900513_nOver the past several years country music has entered into an era in which we hear more songs about drinking beer next to a pretty girl on the back of a tailgate out in the country rather than talking about life issues. Who misses the 90s era that included artists like Garth Brooks, George Strait, Ty Herndon, Vince Gill, and Clint Black? I may be only twenty-two years old but this music seems to have been completely cut off from radio play because “Bro Country” is what’s “Trending” at the moment. As I look back on songs like “The Dance”, “Living in a Moment”, “You Look So Good in Love”, “I Still Believe in You” and “When I Say I Do”, I tend to wonder if music like this still exists somewhere amidst “Bro Country”. 

After some digging I came across an artist by the name of Tim Shelton who is giving away his single “Learning How To Live Alone” via NoiseTrade and I have to say WOW!! Not only is the song meaningful but his sound reminds me of most of the top artists in the 90s. Check out his single “Learning How To Live Alone” below!

Also head on over to NoiseTrade and download the single “Learning How To Live Alone” for Free but if you’d like you can leave a tip in support.

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