The Features release album “Old Familiar Melodies” 2008-2013 via NoiseTrade

A band out of Nashville has released their new album “Old Familiar Melodies” 2008-2013 via NoiseTrade. The Features are made up of bandmates Matt Pelham, Roger Dabbs, Rollum Haas and Mark Bond. Their sound rings in resemblance to Kings of Leon. 

Their album is made up of ten songs in which my  personal favorite has to be “How It Starts”. “How It Starts” has a psychedelic rhythm that makes you feel good inside when your having a bad day. These guys are a force to be reckoned with and I look for them to become one of the hottest bands in 2014. There album’s song include: 

  • 1) Whatever Gets You By original-features-cover
  • 2) The Drawing Board 
  • 3) The Temporary Blues 
  • 4) Lions 
  • 5) How It Starts
  • 6) Rambo
  • 7) Another One
  • 8) With Every Beat 
  • 9) This Disorder 
  • 10) From Now On 

Grab their album “Old Familiar Melodies” 2008-2013 now via Noisetrade


You can also follow the band via Twitter and Facebook 

@thefeatures – twitter 



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