Belles and Whistles Release Music Video for “Princess”

How many mother/daughter duos do you see in country music? Well I can only think of one and that is The Judds but Belles and Whistles are hitting the waves with full force with their music video for their single “Princess”. 

10583817_792497167438859_8196860817385546468_nIn a excerpt about what inspired the song, Kelli (the daughter of the duo) replied with  “I just graduated from high school. While in school last semester, I started
working on this song idea about how many of my friends kept secrets from their parents. In between the football games or studying for tests, we are dealing with some very real life issues. When I wrote this song, I wanted to write it broad enough to include many issues; being sexually active, accidental pregnancies, drug or alcohol abuse, fear of coming out, and more. Luckily, and maybe its because I spend so much time on the road with my mom, we have a really close relationship. At a writing session, when I read her the lyric ideas for this song, she thought it had a great message.” Jaymie says, “It
made my heart hurt to know that many kids are struggling with such heavy issues by themselves. I think many moms feel we would help our kids in any way we can, even if they feel they might be disappointing us.” Soon after, Jaymie and Kelli sat down with fellow Nebraska songwriter, Daniel Christian, and “Princess” was born. Kelli adds, “A lot of kids feel pressure to be perfect, but nobody is, and everyone growing up goes through a lot of struggles.”
We hope this song opens up a dialogue between teens and their parents about things that may be hard to talk about.” 

Check out their video for “Princess” now! 

Stay Tuned for an Interview with “Belles and Whistles”!! 


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