Hawk Nelson dishes on album “Made”


From old to new, there is always a transition in an artists’ or bands career. People grow apart and start a new journey on their own. Jason Dunn, who was the lead singer of Hawk Nelson decided to leave the band nearly two years ago leaving the three other members Daniel Biro, Jonathan Steingard, and Justin Benner to figure out where their career would go. Banding their hearts and minds together and focusing on their music they landed back on their feet and continued to grow as a three-piece band. Their new album “Made” is an album that will reach into your hearts and show you things can get better. There is time for finding yourself are all over again, and this was their time to showcase that feeling. 

Due to their busy schedule I spoke with Daniel Biro briefly about the album. With only five short questions, he gave us some insight into the album “Made” and how they were able to move forward without former bandmate Jason Dunn. 

What inspired the album “Made”?

We all have our ups and downs through life. In late 2011, Hawk Nelson’s former lead singer told us that he was moving on leaving the three of us wondering where that left us. Can we provide for our families and do we still have jobs? Is there purpose for Hawk Nelson moving forward and what does our identity as a band look like? Big questions that we had to wrestle with, but God was there before, during and still ahead of us, breathing new life and vision, in a sense, we are brand new band, “Made” anew. This is obviously a theme we can all relate with, and appropriate title for the album as you see bits and pieces of our story written throughout the album.

A Million Miles Away? What’s the song about?

If I’m honest, there’s things about me and my past I’m not proud of. I’m far from perfect. But God’s grace is bigger than me, and for that I’m grateful. Each day forward since I’ve accepted his Grace, well, all that junk of my past get’s further behind me…A Million Miles Away!

What has been the most exciting moment in your career?

Hawk Nelson has had the privilege of being in Television shows, Movies, and large festivals around the World. All of it has been an incredible journey stretched over eleven years. It may seem small in comparison, but the moment we decided to move forward as a three piece, and continue to be and grow Hawk Nelson, that probably trumps all glamour.

If you guys could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

We’ve had the chance to write with incredible artists from TobyMac to Bart Millard from MercyMe. Our lead singer Jon love to co-write with other artists and you’ll be seeing some of that in the future. As for shooting for the stars….Chris Martin of Coldplay?

Favorite Venue?

I tend to like the smaller venues, but that still offer good sound and production to the show attendees. We always remember The Service Station in Spokane, Washington.

Give me on word to describe your music/purpose?



You can keep tabs on what Hawk Nelson is doing by following the links below.

Twitter: @hawknelson

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hawknelson

YouTube: www.youtube.com/hawknelson

iTunes: Hawk Nelson

Website: www.hawknelson.com


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