“Wild and Free” singer/songwriter Nate Green sits down with “I’m All Ears”

unnamedA few months back I received an email from Corey Rice over at Aristo Media Group about a new upcoming artist who had just released his first music video for his single “Wild and Free”. With no hesitation I clicked opened the link to the video and was in awe by the craftsmanship and the overall product that was presented. Nate Green was now one of the guys who I just had to talk to for an exclusive interview. 

Nate Green who is originally from Kentucky came to Nashville to pursue country music at a whole other level. He’s not your typical twang “I just left my wife now i’m sitting on the back porch drinking a cold miller lite” type of artist. He takes his lyrics and twists them into a poppy country song that would even make the best country musicians proud. He reminds me of a new age Keith Urban, with catchy lyrics and showmanship that wows the ladies. 


Sitting down with such a wholesome and musically determined person was definitely an honor. I hope you enjoy the look inside this rising star! 

  • How was shooting the music video for Wild and Free? It was incredible! It was my first music video, so I wasn’t expecting to be on a set for about 20 hours in the middle of the desert haha, but it was a great first experience.
  • What’s the best part about shooting music videos? Any perks you enjoy? Well, that was my first one, but as I have dived into a few more I would say the biggest perk is really seeing your vision come to life in a song. Since I write my own material, it’s pretty awesome seeing the entire transition from just a little idea of the song itself, to this huge production of its video – I would say that is what I love most.
  • Did you write Wild and Free? If so what was your inspiration for the song? Yes, I did! I based the song around the line that came to me first, which was “maybe we ain’t living well, but we’re living for ourselves and that’s life.” It’s about a reckless kind of love that makes sense in your life when nothing else really does. I wrote it from a ‘living on love’ standpoint, and it’s all about a time in your life when maybe the only thing going right for you is this relationship you’re in that allows you to feel wild and reckless while also experiencing a freedom you’ve never felt before. The song came to life both lyrically and instrumentally while I was traveling the world, and I think the fact that I was experiencing so many of those feelings while creating this track really helped add an honest and unique flair to the song.
  • Where do you see your place in country music? That’s a good question. I think all the greats have kind of made their own space in the format, done something different to really stand out and present their own kind of country music. I think, and hope, that my upcoming music it will really stand out here in town because of the risks involved in creating it. I definitely want to be known as a risk taker and the kind of artist that you can never anticipate what I’m going to do next.
  • What’s your favorite venue to play in Nashville? 12th and Porter!
  • What country artist do you look up to? I really admire Keith Urban. His writing skills and talent just blow my mind, and I most definitely want to have longevity in my career like he does.
  •  When are going to release the album featuring Wild and Free? Soon! It’s in the works, and I can’t wait until my fans hear it!
  • Was music part of your childhood or did you acquire music as you got older? It was always part of my childhood, but as I got older I began to understand my calling for it. Right out of high school, I would say, is when I couldn’t ignore my passion for it.
  •  If you could describe your music in one word what would it be and why? Shocking – I think at first listen, it’s a lot to take in. There can be so many blends of instruments or sounds that you haven’t necessarily heard together that will throw you for a loop. Whether its the melody, or lyrics or the overall sound of the song, it’s a different kind of Country music and at first listen it may surprise you!

You can check out the music video for “Wild and Free” below

Also, check him out on social media 

Twitter: @nategreenmusic

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nategreenmusic 

Website: http://www.nategreenmusic.com


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