Nathan Angelo: Concert Review


I didn’t know much about Nathan Angelo until yesterday afternoon when I attended his show at the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms which is located right outside of Charleston, SC. We have followed each other for a few months on Twitter but I never really listened to his music. I managed to catch one of his tweets about being in Charleston and I knew I just had to check this guy out. Was he worth the 30-45 minute drive? Will he be as good live as he is on his album? Many of those questions rushed threw my mind. tumblr_n1zzqwMJla1qb7r67o1_500

We arrived a little past 9pm and listened to the opening act who was pretty good, but all the songs seemed to sound the same to me. People were easily uninterested and one of my friends actually wanted to just go but I insisted we stay to see Nathan because that’s who I really wanted to see. After the opening act exited the stage most of the people there were ready to see Nathan. This gave me and my friends hope that it wouldn’t be a complete bust. 

UnknownNathan Angelo and his band came on stage with much needed energy and enthusiasm to get people up off their feet and dancing. His voice was sharp and in tune and sounded perfect with the accompanied band. He even had me swaying and taping my feet. This guy who sat before me in front of his piano/keyboard was one hell of a musician. Though I didn’t know too much about his music he reminded me of other musicians who have the same style which includes Jon McLaughlin, Matt Nathanson and Matt Wertz. I enjoyed everything about his performance and I would give it a solid 10 out of 10. He was able to get the attention of the crowd and was even ushered out for an encore. He gave one hell of a performance! 

Check out some footage and photos I managed to capture below

Find Nathan Angelo at any of the social media links below


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