Behind The Tours: Entertainment Crews

You hear chatter all the time from friends and family about the price tag on a concert ticket but have you ever wondered why the tickets cost so much? After thinking about all of the possibilities of why these famous musicians put such high price tags on their tickets I’ve come to the conclusion that it takes a lot of money to produce the quality show that all fans are looking for. You have to pay for the venue, the vendors who sell concessions and alcoholic beverages, you have to pay security, oh and lets not forget the one’s who help make the show happen, the entertainment crew/drivers. I mean what would a concert be without the sound systems, the lighting, the instruments, and the staging? Just imagine if a driver didn’t do their job… would be paying for a ticket that is lacking quality. 

I recently have friended an individual who drives commercial trucks for some of the biggest names in country music and he has really opened my eyes to the fact that crews behind the scenes do not receive the recognition they deserve.  Next time your at a concert don’t just think about the price tag your paying, just think about those who are making it possible to see your favorite stars and allowing you to have a good time. Those are the sidekicks of any major tour! 

Let us know what you think, Do you think ticket pricing is fair? Feel free to responded to our poll and leave a comment below with your views on ticket pricing and the contribution the entertainment truckers have to our overall experience at a concert. 


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