Nashville: On The Edge

Every year around this time most of the TV watchers are out there being put at the edge of their seat with cliffhangers from some of their favorite shows. But what if your show is on the so called “Bubble” that TV networks classify as shows that have a possibility of being cancelled? Do you curl up into a ball on the bathroom floor like Izzie did when Denny died in the Season 2 finale of Grey’s Anatomy? Or do you tough it out and find another show that might catch your new acquired interest? 

Well for me I like to fight for what I want and apparently so do other Nashville lovers out there. Currently the hit ABC show Nashville is on the “Bubble” of not returning for a 3rd season and my fellow Nashville lovers have begun a movement via a WordPress blog to tell the execs over at ABC why they believe that we should get renewed. 

Currently Nashville is on the last leg of it’s second season with hopes of returning at the end of summer to start filming season 3. Since the beginning of the show the music has been the main focus. The music is composed by some of the most amazing Nashville songwriters including Trent Dabbs, Kate York, Jaida Dreyer, Cory Mayo, Ashley Monroe (Pistol Annies), Lucy Schwartz and so much more which makes this show even more unique and special. It’s not only getting these writers music out there but it is also telling a stories within the show. 

Now will you help in the cause? If your interested in helping Nashville get renewed follow the link below for more extensive details:

I don’t know about you guys but I seriously want this show to continue on and finally see Rayna and Deacon back together! What? A girl can only dream right! 

“Nashville, you keep me Believin'” 

Leave comments below stating why “Nashville Keeps You Believin” and what you are going to do to help get our show renewed!


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