Spring Break: A Journey to Nashville

It’s a week before spring break and the buzz on campus is “Where are you spending your spring break?”. The obvious answer for most would be somewhere “Sunny and 75” but for me I’m spending it in the bipolar city known as Nashville. Where it’s warm one minute then the next day it’s snowing like a blizzard. Let’s just say the trip was a journey and a real eye opener for me when it comes to chasing my dreams.

While in the music city I visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Frothy Monkey, The Ryman Auditorium and several bars on Broadway…which includes my favorite WannaB’s Karaoke Bar.  Which is a MUST while visiting Nashville. Out of all the things I’ve done in my life that took me out of my comfort zone, getting up in front of a large group of people that I did not know in a town that people are judged for the musical talents was some what thrilling. Granted most of the individuals in the bar were either on their way to being “Schwasted” or were already in that state, they made everyone comfortable on stage and made the night one to remember.

I know your asking yourselves now, what kind of songs did this girl sing….let me tell you….I sang all the ones that have been with me since I was a little girl. Below I’ve listed the songs

1) Goodbye Earl- This song I have to say is my favorite in all of Country Music. The Dixie Chicks did it with this one. I have to also mention that Goodbye Earl was the first song I ever sang in front of a group of people at a bar/grill in the small town of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. I got a standing ovation but hey you have to make a young girl feel good right? HAHA

2) The River- Garth Brooks you are a god for singing this song. I know you did not write the song but you definitely made it your own and it’s like one of the most influential songs in all of country music. I mean who wouldn’t want to chase their dreams “Until the river runs dry”? I know I will continue to follow my dream as long as I’m alive and able.

3) Man! I Feel Like A Woman- Okay now ladies, you know I had to do this one. I mean who comes to Nashville and gets up in front of a packed house at a Karaoke Bar and not sing this to all the gorgeous ladies that are out in the audience having fun.

4) Heads Carolina, Tails California- Jo Dee Messina….this woman right here is my all time favorite female country artist. I love all of her songs but especially this one. This song is basically country’s version of YOLO. You only live once, so let’s pick a place and just go.

Now that I’ve told you about my karaoke adventure, let me tell you about the Country Music Hall of Fame. This place is a must see if your interested in seeing the history of country music from the beginning to where it is now. I suggest that you plan a trip before 6/8/14 though so you can check out the Reba exhibit on the third floor. The whole museum was very interesting to see.

Let me tell you about Thursday March 27th.  This is one of the days I will never forget. At around 7:22 am central time I began to have calls, text messages and facebook messages come to my phone about my music blog being featured on the radio. 103.5 The WEZL and TJ and the Morning Crew were talking about my music blog, the artists that follow me on twitter, my recent interview with Frankie Ballard and what I’m ultimately wanting to do with my blog. What an honor to be featured by some of the most successful people in the entertainment/radio business! Thank you guys, you rock! I’m looking forward to what may come of this.

Now on to the taping of ABC’s Nashville. Have I mentioned before that Nashville is my favorite show? Well I won/given tickets to go see them tape a special for TV at the famous Ryman Auditorium. When you think the cast sing on a record, you have to see them perform live…your minds will be blown. I had one hell of a time standing out in the frigid cold for 4 hours in hopes of getting my picture with many of the stars. Out of all of the stars on the show, I was able to meet six out of the maybe ten. They were very down to earth and the production crew was super duper nice to the  audience and helped us try and make the special the best it can be. You can watch Nashville: On The Record on April 23rd on ABC.

FROTHYYYYYY MONKEYYYYYY! If you guys are coffee addicts and you think Starbucks is the best coffee in the land….I’d like to advise you to think again and take that trip to Nashville right now! Frothy Monkey is a coffeehouse in Nashville that serves up gourmet coffee and food that is out of this world. Many stars/musicians have visited the Monkey for their coffee as well. With the likes of Taylor Swift, Connie Britton, and Brad Paisley. Their coffee is not to pass up while in town. Oh yeah and try the White Monkey Mocha, it’s the best!

Out of all the site seeing and traveling I’ve done over the years. I have to say Nashville has been one of the best trips I’ve been on and is somewhere I can actually see myself living in the near future. There is so many opportunities not only for musicians but also for those who are interested in the entertainment/journalism industry. I don’t know where exactly my music blog is going to take me but I have a feeling great things are going to come for me.

 “He that can have patience can have what he will.” -Benjamin Franklin




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