Grace and Tony: An Exclusive Interview

Grace&Tony_byWesCarter_112She was just a girl, and he was a boy. Both were musicians who met playing two different sounds. She was bluegrass and he was a punk rocker but somehow their collaboration fit together perfectly. Their love for music would soon evolve into a punkgrass band known as Grace and Tony. 

Grace Schultz and Tony White were both exposed to music early on by their families. Grace was influenced by gospel all the way to rock and Tony followed in the footsteps of older brother John Paul White (The Civil Wars). Taking their influences and meshing them together to find a unique sound was something that Grace and Tony strove for and ultimately led them to where they are now. 

Their music does not reflect mainstream . Nowadays most songs are ridden with sex, drugs, alcohol and money but their music reflects creepy things like stalking, and Frankenstein’s monster. 

Grace graciously dished details about everything you need to know about Grace and Tony here with “I’m All Ears”.

IAE: How did you two meet?

GW: We actually knew of each other thru mutual friends but never really got to know each other. Of course that means that we were Facebook friends, so Tony found me and asked me if I wanted to come jam with him and a friend, and I said yes. They had just gotten out of a punk band and so I started playing mandolin and banjo along with the songs that they had written for that band and that gave us a start to our edge. 

IAE: When did you become a vocal duo? Did you guys have any doubts about becoming a duo? 
GW: We had tried several lineups over the years and it just seemed the universe was pulling us towards being just the two of us. We want more people, I think, down the road, but for now, we are cool with taking on the world as a married couple! 
IAE: What are your musical influences? How has your influences shaped your career
GW: Good music influences us. We are more influenced by books, and things that we learn from the history channel, more than we are any particular style of music or a certain artist. I’d like to think that the way we are influenced has intrigued people. We write about weird creepo things. Haha! 
Grace&Tony_byWesCarter_102IAE: Are you currently working on any new music? Can you dish any details? 
GW: New things are in the works! Right now we have a song about a stalker that actually ends up getting the girl, and we are almost finished with one about Frankenstein’s monster. If you are looking for an album full of sappy relationship crap, you’re looking in the wrong place! 
IAE: What is your favorite song that you have ever written? 
GW: My favorite is our new stalker song I was talking about. Partially because its new and exciting, but really because I get to sing at the top of my lungs. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but Tony convinced me that it would be awesome…and it is. 
IAE: Have you ever received any encouragement from any mainstream artists? 
GW: I’m not sure if we know any “mainstream” artists except Tony’s brother, and he kinda has to be encouraging. 😉 
IAE: If you could compare yourself to any artist who would it be any why? 
GW: Our thing is trying to be as different from any artist as possible. Maybe a comparison with Bill Monroe, just in the way of trying to do something different and (maybe) becoming something great. 
IAE: What’s your favorite mainstream song? 
GW: ET by Katy Perry, because we do a cover of it! 
Grace & Tony_November_coverIAE: If you could walk in any dead or alive musicians shoes who would it be and why?
GW: Tony would do Bob Wills, because he could yell random things in the middle of a song. I would do Beyonce…where do you want me to begin and end with that…? 
IAE: How would you describe your sound? 
GW: We call it punkgrass. Its a fusion of a lot of different sounds like Texas swing, folk, rock, punk, and bluegrass. It’s really hard to describe. 
IAE: Where do you predict your career will by the end of 2014?
GW:  I think we just want it to go in the direction that the universe wants it to go. I work as a nurse and we have kids, so we are only out 2 weeks a month. We want it to go where it will without compromising our goals and morals to get there.


One thought on “Grace and Tony: An Exclusive Interview

  1. Holy Cow. How in the heck did this group slip by me. I never miss a good one like this. Thank you so very much. You are the best.

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