Single Review: “Coming Out” by Ryan Lill


Ryan Lill is a singer/songwriter from Charleston, South Carolina. As a young artist he began to experiment with different instruments trying to pave his way to where he is now. Lill released his debut single “Coming Out” on March 1st, 2014 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and various other online music platforms.

“Coming Out” is a story about an individual getting up the courage to tell their parents/friends/family that they are gay and basically accept me for who I am. This is described in the chorus by the lyrics “I can’t change, I’m not gonna wait, this is not a choice you’ve made, hear them say you’ve made a mistake, that’s a price you’ll have to pay”. Not only can this song relate to the LGBT community but also people in general who may want to expose something about themselves that may ruin friendships, relationships or their reputations. Ryan Lill’s message is clear and it’s great to find an artist that is willing to put themselves out there and relay a message to everyone around the US and the rest of the world that it’s okay to be who you are. 

The overall sound and quality of the song “Coming Out” is Top 40 material. “Coming Out’ proves that Ryan has what it takes to make it in the music industry and I look forward to all the opportunities that will open up for him. Do anything and everything to help push this single to the top! Tweet, Facebook, Instagram his single! 

You can download Ryan’s single “Coming Out” by following the links below! 



Google Play: …


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