Guest Blogger: Singer/Songwriter Vinnie Hines

VH-Winter Promo

What’s up, guys? I’m Vinnie Hines, and if you don’t know, I work on cruise ships full time as an acoustic artist. Now, I’ve tried a million and one times to explain what living on a cruise ship is like, but you truly have to experience it to understand it. However, I’ve still got to try. 

VH-Studio PromoAs you set sail on a cruise ship, I honestly believe you enter a time warp. Every day flies by but also is so dense with content that it feels like three days. It’s the strangest sensation. The closest analogy I can think of is summer camp. When I was a kid my parents were constantly sending me off to some week long camp where I’d make some of the seemingly greatest friends on the planet. That one week would feel like an eternity, and you were convinced you’d be friends forever.

VH-Studio Promo 2 So take all that positivity of being a youngster at camp, but change the age range and perks. So instead of being thirteen and naive to the world, you’re anywhere between twenty and thirty five years old. Not only that, but give everyone at the camp expendable income, free condoms, and cheap, tax-free liquor. Needless to say, things get absolutely wild on the ships.
There’s no doubt in my mind that I have the best job on the ship. I do what I love for about four hours a night and get to make lasting friendships with not only the crew but also the guests. As a boy from a small rural town in Illinois, I can’t be happier with my opportunity to travel, play music, and learn about the world. I’m excited for where my musical journey is heading and I’d love for you to be a part of it. You can start by downloading my first single, “The Riddle” and staying tuned for the upcoming music video!
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