*Interview* with Michael Glabicki from Rusted Root

From “Send Me On My Way” to “Monkey Pants” Rusted Root continues to evolve as a group. Their new album “The Movement” is catching listener’s attention by continuing to bring musical influences from around the world. Rusted Root is a fun, energetic, soulful group that has amazing talent from vocals to percussion. This album is set apart from any of those before and by far one of the best to own!

Recently I was in contact with Rusted Root’s PR coordinator Pati DeVries. She helped me gain this interview with Rusted Root’s frontrunner Michael Glabicki. I’m thankful for this opportunity and I hope you the readers enjoy what he has to say on some topics you guys would love to know about.

Me: Where did you get the inspiration for your upcoming album?

Michael: the fans really, we are living a wonderful life and it was mostly inspired by the live shows. Also my long time girlfriend inspired a few of the songs….other than that there is a place that is a mystery to me that I draw from, I think we all have a higher part of ourselves that witnesses and evolves as we live our day to day- I think that is what I usually try to find when I write.

Me: What song on your new album is your favorite?

Michael: Fossil Man, it plays like a movie inside my head

Me: What venue are your most excited to play on your tour?

Michael: any really, any night can be a great one

Me: Monkey Pants? This song caught my attention. What exactly does it mean? 

Michael: I don’t know…what do you think? See? I am like your therapist! I try to leave certain songs open to interpretation.

Me: In your upcoming tour, the closest you come to South Carolina is Pennslyvania. Any idea of when you might make it down to Charleston? Or maybe even Atlanta area?

Michael: we are working on it but i would think in the fall 

Sidenote: This question was asked last summer to Michael. Then the next thing you know Rusted Root is scheduled to play at the Music Farm in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Coincidence? Who knows, I’ll let you be the judge! 

Me:If you could tour with anyone from the past or present, who would it be and why?

Michael: Probably Patti Smith. I would think it would make for great dinner conversations.

Me:How often do you connect with your fans? 

Michael: Everynight on tour and when we are off about twice a week on social media

Me: What kind of influences did you incorporate in your new album?

Michael: Everything!! but i think there was a bit more of a funk emphasis on this one

Me: Michael, you’ll be headed to Costa Rica at the end of this month. What are you most looking forward to? 

Michael: the beach and seeing some monkeys

Me: Does your band have any preconcert rituals? Individually? 

Michael: just refocusing on our inner selves- making sure that we are disconnected from everything else so that we can be present to the music

Me: Which member of your band do you believe cracks the most jokes?

Michael: probably Patrick- but tour in general becomes a joke fest

Me: If you could describe your band in one word what would that word be? 

Michael: original-ganic

Me: How do you individually juggle a career and family life? 

Michael: when Im home I am with family 100%


You can catch up with Rusted Root by checking them out at the links below: 

Twitter: @RustedRoot

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rustedroot

iTunes: Rusted Root

Website: http://www.rustedroot.com


(This interview was originally posted on my starter website, this was reposted on my official to cater to a larger crowd)


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