*Exclusive Interview* with “Rewind” Artist Telegraph

What goes into making a band successful? Is it the uncanny chemistry between the band members or is it the fans that they cater to. Well Telegraph has it all. Telegraph is comprised of two brothers Marshall and Jared Cunningham, and best friend Wes Beale who have this unbelievable chemistry and they know exactly what the fans are looking for. Their sound is a mix between Guns N Roses and One Direction, now if that isn’t an awesome mix, I don’t know what is!! 

Telegraph has released their debut EP “Rewind” via NoiseTrade for free. You can continue to download their free EP until January 1st, 2014. Here is a “I’m All Ears” exclusive interview with Telegraph! 

Taylor: What gave you the inspiration to come together as a group? Did you have any family influences?

Telegraph: We have been in bands before, and have an incredible amount of trust in each other creatively. When we were discussing the idea for the project, it was natural for us to come together again

Taylor: Why did you guys pick the name Telegraph? Any specific meaning?

Telegraph: We were all moving to Nashville, TN, and wanted to bring a part of our hometown, Alexandria, VA, with us. Telegraph road is a road that we take all of them time to get around the Northern Virginia area.

Taylor: Out of the songs you’ve recorded, what is by far your favorite song individually? 

Telegraph: For me (Jared), it’s currently “Sexy”. It’s such a simple song, but it was one of the first songs that we wrote where we were like “yeah, this is exactly what we want to make”, and it got us excited about the project

Taylor:If you could open up for any band today, who would it be and why? 

Telegraph: We’ve all been following Imagine Dragons for a long time. They were so unique and original when they debuted, and you can tell just how groundbreaking they were by the number of bands who are trying to imitate them now.

Taylor: Are you guys working on a full length album anytime soon? 

Telegraph: We have a few more songs that we’re getting ready to go back in and record, but we aren’t planning on a full length just yet.
Taylor: Getting exposure is key to your success, how do you guys plan to reach out to new fans? 
Telegraph: We’re huge advocates of grassroots social media marketing. We will literally reach out to every single person who we are connected to on Facebook or Twitter, and give them the opportunity to check us out.
Taylor: Nashville is where dreams can be made or broken, where does Nashville play a role in your dreams? 
Telegraph: Nashville is obviously known for it’s Country music scene, but it is beginning to develop into a more diverse music scene. A lot of cool acts are coming out of Nashville, and we are excited to be a part of what a lot of people are calling “Nashville 2.0”. 
Taylor: Who do you believe is the most outgoing and artistic person of your band?  
Telegraph: I think we’d all agree that I’m the most outgoing of the trio. Marshall and Wes are both very friendly, but I can be too friendly for some people! We all have different strengths artistically, so I don’t know if I’d call any one of us the “most” artistic. Marshall is great with initial ideas; I’m good at developing ideas into something tangible; and Wes is more grounded and business-minded.
Taylor: Who are some of your musical influences? 
Telegraph: Who we listen to, and who are music is influenced by are actually very different. We all love rap and country. There really isn’t a genre of music that we don’t enjoy. As far as our music, we’ve always said that we sound like if Def Leppard and Katy Perry had a baby, it would sound like our band. Somewhere between Guns N’ Roses and One Direction.
Taylor: If you could describe your band in one word, what would that word be and why? 
Telegraph: Reckless. We don’t take ourselves too seriously on records, in videos, or in person. We’re very tongue-in-cheek, and are willing to try things that a lot of other bands would label as “not serious enough”. This whole project is just an excuse for us to have more fun than we should have.
Follow Telegraph below: 
You can download their debut EP at NoiseTrade until January 1st:

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