Garth Brooks Announces Tour on GMA

Today Garth Brooks announced to Robin Roberts and the rest of the GMA cast that he will kicking off his World Tour starting next year. He has been dodging rumors of his return to the stage since his album release and Thanksgiving TV Special. Brooks has been performing as a one man show at the Wynn Las Vegas but now that the show is wrapping up there will be much time dedicated to the preparation and execution of the World Tour but he does plan to do two more shows in January at the Wynn Last Vegas. Here are some things you should do before attending one of Garth’s shows. 

  1. Be prepared to stay up all night to snag tickets, this tour is going to be a sellout! 
  2. Learn all of Garth’s songs by heart, What if he brings a fan on stage? Do you want to be caught not knowing lyrics to one of his songs? I don’t think so. 
  3. Make signs, you never know when the video camera might catch you (You might end up in a music video/documentary)
  4. Make a shirt/buy a shirt, you never know when Garth is watching. You could meet him if your Lucky!!
  5.  Stay calm and have the time of your life. He is worth spending a little extra money to see!! 

Stay tuned for the announcement of dates and cities/countries that Garth will be performing in. You won’t want to miss this!



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