“Shotgun” First Country Pop Song for Chuck Adams

Chuck Adams was once known as Range and he was aspiring to become a mainstream rapper but now his heart is going into a different direction. Country music has always been a part of Chuck Adam’s playlist and it took several years to realize that his career as a rapper was not what he wanted.  His debut single “Shotgun” proves to be nothing but success and he will soon began a U.S tour. I was able to have a conversation with Chuck last night and I’m happy to be able to share it with you.

Taylor: What changed in your life for you to transform from a rapper to a country pop artist?

Chuck: Well I have always been a singer, country music is where my heart has been my whole career. It always let me express myself the way I like to without having to act and for the most part it encourages a lifestyle I would rather represent than what urban music encourages. One of family, god, and still the ups and downs of life. 

Taylor: Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to country music? Anybody who you would eventually like to Collaborate with? 

Chuck: Charley Pride, Trisha Yearwood, Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum are some of my biggest inspirations. I’ve written with Brandy Clark who is another super talented country artist. I’d eventually would like to work with Tim McGraw and talented writer Brent Anderson

Taylor: Is there a special someone you wrote “Shotgun” for? 

Chuck: I didn’t…. Shotgun was a feeling, more of a poem based on what I see a real relationship being like.

Taylor: Do you have an album coming soon? or Maybe new songs?

Chuck: Yes, definitely. I have an EP of 3 songs dropping first soon. Finishing the album over the next couple months. Looking forward to a lot of shows. 

Taylor: Have you ever been to Nashville? If so would you ever move their for your career?

Chuck: Yes, I’ve been there and worked with some great people there as well. I would move there but my team and I are going to get this done from NYC

Taylor: If you could play a show in any venue in the U.S where would your dream show take place?

Chuck: Madison Square Garden 

Taylor: Who would you compare your music to?

Chuck: I think I’m going to like to hear that from you (laughs), that’s a hard questions since I’m so involved in my music along with my producer Catalyst. 

Taylor: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Chuck: On an International Tour 

Taylor: If you were put on a deserted island what five items would you take with you?

Chuck: I would bring my guitar, my saxophone, a knife, a lighter, and some whiskey. 

Taylor: What are you thankful for this thanksgiving?

Chuck: I’m thankful for family and friends staying healthy, and the grace of God allowing me another day and continuing a career in music. 

You can find Chuck Adams on Facebook and Twitter by following the links below.




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