Win Ty Herndon’s new album “Lie’s I Told Myself”

Hey guys, do you want to win Ty’s new album “Lie’s I Told Myself”? Well here’s your chance! I’m opening up a Sweepstakes and you could win! All you have to do is send us an email saying you’d like to win the album and you will be entered into a drawing for the CD. We will close the sweepstakes on Thursday night, and the winner will be revealed shortly after GO GO GO!  


15 thoughts on “Win Ty Herndon’s new album “Lie’s I Told Myself”

  1. I would like to win the CD because I have been a long time fan and have been to many of his shows. I love Try and am so glad he is back. Can’t wait to see him live again. I’ve meet him years ago and he is very humble.

  2. I have been a fan of Ty Herndon since he first debuted on CMT many years ago. Whether I win or not, I will have a copy of this CD. I look forward to hearing more from him. Thanks for never giving up….!!! You are an inspiration…!! God Bless and good luck in all that you do. 🙂

  3. I would love to win Ty’s new album! My daughter & I met & got pictures with him at Fan Fair ’97! What a wonderful, warm person! He was one of our favorites to meet that year! Glad to see & hear you are back! God Bless ♥

  4. I met Ty when he performed for a friend of mine in Brooklyn, Iowa. She had ALS and he came to her fund raiser and sang “Journey On” and it was so inspirational. I to will have the CD no matter if I win . Thank You Ty!

  5. I saw Ty a many many yrs ago, thought he wasnt singing anymore. I would love to win his new CD. I never win anything, I love all his musice and would love to have his new CD. I will wait to see if I win before I go buy it………..xoxo

  6. I Saw Ty in Merrilville Indiana when he was on TOUR for His Album STEAM some years ago. . . It was One Hell of a Show … I WANT to WIN This* CD !

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