“Lie’s I Told Myself”, 7 years in the making for Country Artist Ty Herndon

"Lie's I Told Myself"-Ty Herndon Album Cover
“Lie’s I Told Myself”-Ty Herndon Album Cover

Another chart topping album just hit the airwaves of country radio and we aren’t unfamiliar to his sound. The 90s was the kick starter of his career with chart topping hits “What Mattered Most” and “Living in a moment” but Ty Herndon’s “Lie’s I Told Myself” is more of a self reflection of life’s unexpected turns. Herndon who has struggled with substance abuse since the early 2000s has used music to help rehabilitate himself and pick up the pieces to his life. “Addiction has cost me a lot in my life. And because of addiction, I told myself a lot of things that weren’t true. And in recovery, I have seen absolutely the light of the truth. But I don’t know that I really consider this song a recovery song. I just consider it a song of truth.” The song he is referring to the album’s first single “Lie’s I Told Myself” and he hopes that this song who has helped him with his battles will also help those who are fighting battles themselves whether it’s addiction, depression or the everyday struggles of life.

Recently I had the privilege to interview Ty Herndon within days after his second country album release on October 22, 2013.

Taylor: Your New Album “Lies I Told Myself” releases on October 22, anything your doing to prepare for it?

Ty: This cd has been over a year in the making.  So a lot of prep has gone into it from many angles.  I have a great team of people. We did manage to celebrate with a great CD release party last week.  My first in 10 years!  It was great to see lots of new friends and lots of people who have been with me for many years.  Even friends from the old Sony Days dropped by.

Taylor: “Lies I Told Myself” is a song about those who talk down to people about how their lives with pan out but you don’t believe the lies they are telling you. Do you have any “Lies I Told Myself” that you didn’t believe?

Ty:  I grew up with a lot of limitations from low self esteem and being the kid in school who was bullied because I was a child prodigy of music.  I was working around at different churches singing with my family.  I did not do the normal things like play football or baseball.  Go to parties.  I really gave up a lot of childhood stuff for music.  It was the one place I felt safe to shine.  I had a lot of scars growing up.  It really effected me in my adult life.  But it’s great to know that it was all a bunch of bull.

Taylor:  Your about to do some shows here soon, is there any particular show your are most excited about?

Ty: I’m getting excited to head out and do a few radio shows. Some of the early believers have been playing the single. I always love the excitement of new music. It breathes a new life into the shows.

Ty Herndon sings a song
Ty Herndon sings a song

Taylor: “Living in a Moment” and “What Mattered Most” are two of your top songs of all time, how do you think those songs has shaped your career?

Ty: It’s rare for any artist to come out of the chute with a number one record these days.  It was not easy early on as well.  I still hold the record for most added song at country radio with What Mattered Most. The launching pad for me was incredible.

Taylor: You’ve been gone from the country music circuit for awhile, anything that your skeptical about in the upcoming months?

Ty: Getting back on the radio is going to be a big challenge.A lot has changed out there.I am hoping that the relationships I have had over the years will hold strong in the market. I also know the fans can move mountains when it’s the right three minutes.

Taylor: Do you plan on going on a full US tour anytime soon?  

Ty: We are planning on doing 100 dates next year. We are currently booking.

 Taylor: I must ask, What is your favorite thing about Nashville?

Ty: The river of creativity that runs in this town is amazing. I love that you can think it! Write it! Record it! Play it! Sell it! See success with it!  All in one day!

 Taylor: If you could collaborate with any musician or producer who would you collaborate with and why?

Ty: I am still waiting on that duet with Bonnie Raitt.  She is my Music God. Come on Bonnie……Call me.

Taylor: You have so many dedicated fans, what has been one of the best experiences you’ve had with your fans?

Ty: The STORIES. I think I may be the country music therapist to the fans. I love how the music moves people to healing.

Taylor: If you could change anything in your past? Would you? Or did you make you a stronger person/man?

Ty: I have had many days before sobriety that I wanted to change everything. Now that I am healthy and happy! I think I will stay right where I’m at.  

Check out Ty Herndon’s single “Lie’s I Told Myself” by watching the video below.



You can find Ty on many social media outlets. Follow his journey back to the top of country music.


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tyherndoncom

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tyherndonofficial

Instagram: Tyroneherndon 

iTunes: Ty Herndon

I’d love to hear your feedback, tell me what you think and comment and wish Ty luck on his new album! 


5 thoughts on ““Lie’s I Told Myself”, 7 years in the making for Country Artist Ty Herndon

  1. I loved Ty Herndon’s talent from the first note I heard him sing. That was at a bar in Dallas a few months before he released “What Mattered Most.” My opinion hasn’t changed one bit. Nice job with the interview.

  2. I have The new Ty Herndon CD and it is wonderful. Great songs coming from a man with a pure country voice. I’ve been a fan of his for years and am calling to request this song as often as I can to radio stations in my area. Hope you do too.

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