*Exclusive Interview* with Narrow Plains

Narrow Plains live at 100 club
Narrow Plains live at 100 club

They have known each other for quite some time now, all three attended the same school but all began in different bands trying to carve their own paths. It wasn’t until years later that they decided to put their knowledge of music and production and begin their journey together to make musical masterpieces for the world to hear. The three band members make up the trio known as Narrow Plains. The band’s members are as stated Charlie Farriday[Guitar/Vocals], Stuart Connick[Drums/Back-Up Vocals] and Roger Connick[ Bass/Back-Up Vocals]. Their sound is similar to that of The 1975, and The Fray with smooth lyrics that will make you nod your head to the beat. They’ve done a mini tour within the european market and has started a campaign to try and reach out to the international markets.  Their EP was released with the past few months and have signaled a great success. They will be working on a full length album, that would be set to release sometime next year. I had the chance to talk with the band and get someone insight on their success and what to look forward to in the coming months. This is Narrow Plains.

Taylor: You Debut EP “Somewhere in Between” is on iTunes, has it done as well as you thought it would be? 

Narrow Plains: When we recorded “Somewhere In Between” at the beginning of last year, we had no real experience of the music business. I joined the band for the recording of the EP and before that, Charlie played as a singer/songwriter, occasionally gigging with Stu as a two-piece acoustic duo for fun. We had no major aspirations at the time except to try to record the best music we possibly could and take it from there. After recording them, the songs sounded much more polished with the bass guitar added and we were really happy with what we’d achieved. As a result we decided to take the band more seriously and released the EP to the world!

The response we’ve had to the EP has been amazing and we’re really pleased that a lot of people seem to like our work. It’s given us a very loyal following both at gigs and in social media. This has inspired us as a band to write and perform more songs that we’re planning to record onto a full album early next year. So, I guess that it has done pretty well for us!

Taylor: Your sound reminds me of that of The 1975 or The Fray, who do you look up to musically?

 Narrow Plains: Thanks, they’re both great bands!

The new acoustic/folk movement has really shaped who we are, and bands like Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Noah and the Whale and Bon Iver continue to inspire us all. Charlie’s guitar playing has definitely been influenced by Newton Faulkner, particularly the slap technique he uses on “Dreams” for example. As we were growing up it was modern American rock music that sparked all our passions for music. We were (and still are) into bands like Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182 and Foo Fighters.

Taylor: What is your favorite song on the album? I must say “Running to your door” is my favorite

Narrow Plains: My personal favourite is Dreams because of the up-beat note progression and the fact that each instrument has its own technical part to play without it feeling too busy. It’s super-fun to play live because the chunky bass-line really gets the crowds’ heads nodding. 

Narrow Plains live show
Narrow Plains live show

Taylor: Do you guys plan to tour in the States or do you tend to lean more towards european dates? 

Narrow Plains: It would be a dream for us to tour the States or the rest of Europe. The great thing about social media, like Twitter, is that you can reach a massively diverse audience so we know we currently have followers all over the States and North America, as well as in South America, Europe and Asia.

However, this is where the biggest difference lies between a band that has already signed to a label and unsigned bands like us. We can produce good music, distribute it and even promote it globally year after year. The issue is that we lack the networks and contacts to book and organise a major tour. You need the help that a record label or a major promotion company can offer to make that jump. So, we try to compensate by playing as many gigs as we are invited to do locally and putting out as many live videos as possible that give some idea of our live sound to our non-UK followers.

When we have finished recording the album, we are going to look at all of our options and hope to secure a deal that lets us tour our music to all our current and potential followers.

Taylor: How long did it take to finally finish your album?

Narrow Plains: We recorded all five tracks on the EP in a few days. Our music is quite simple and we try as much as possible to record it in the same three piece set-up as we play it live. We don’t really use any overdubbing or fancy electronic sounds or technology. So, the main thing for us is getting the arrangement right.

For our new album, we have already written a bunch of new songs and performed most of them live. One of them, “Take me back” is available as a video on YouTube. I think it’s important that we spend more time recording each individual song and not feel limited by time like we did when we recorded the songs for the EP. We hope to have recorded the new album by early next year.

Taylor: Why did you pick “Somewhere in Between” as the title of your debut album? Any kind of significance? 

Narrow Plains: This was the title of a song that Charlie had written and that we rearranged as a band. I guess that, without wishing to sound too high-brow, we all feel that at our age and stage in life we are somewhere in between – in our relationships, in our life aspirations.  Maybe, I’m looking too far into it – perhaps, it was just a catchy title for an EP!

Taylor: If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead who would you collaborate with?

Narrow Plains: We all enjoy and respect the music of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. To have either of their vocals and/or musicianship in a Narrow Plains song I think would be fitting and very special.

Taylor: How did you meet or come together as a band? 

Narrow Plains: Although we all went to the same school in Caterham (Surrey, UK), we all played in different rock and punk bands at that stage. We only all came together about 18 months ago because we were all committed to writing, producing and arranging our own original acoustic-based material. It was an opportunity for me personally to re-start my passion for music having not played in a band for a few years since the end of school.

Taylor: Where do you expect to be in the next 5 years? 

Narrow Plains: I would hope that we have recorded the best music that we are capable of writing and playing; have filmed some kick-ass videos and have reached as wide and diverse an audience as possible. Hopefully we’ll finally get discovered by a record label and be able to tour our music properly.

The fundamental part is that we are still enjoying it ourselves as much as we are today.

Taylor: Use one word to describe your band. 

Narrow Plains: Chilled. 

You can find out more about Narrow Plains by following any of the following links below. Believe me they are worth checking out!!

Narrow Plains Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/narrowplains 

Narrow Plains Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/narrowplains 

Narrow Plains YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/narrowplains 

iTunes: Narrow Plains 

Roger Connick, Bass Player/Back-Up Vocalist for Narrow Plains

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