Rusted Root rolls into Charleston, SC on 10/23

“Send Me On My Way” the familiar lyric runs through the speakers of my Macbook Air, the up tempo melody blended with flutes and an old fashioned washboard make for an iconic song that has been in commercials for several well known companies. Those may not know them by their name but they have the talent and originality to stand out from the rest. Rusted Root, originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in which the group takes a blend of African, Latin American and Native American influences to create a one of a kind sound that has sold over three million albums world wide. 

They continue to take their one of a kind show on the road touring around the globe playing their signature hits. Michael Glabicki, the lead singer stated 

We can never leave a town without playing “Send Me On My Way”

which happens to be a fan favorite but also mentioning that even though their older music is popular they will be mixing in a few new songs off their upcoming album. 

Touring alongside Rusted Root is the Devon Allman Band, which if you haven’t recognized the last name….you should. Devon Allman is the son of Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers. Glabicki enjoys having Devon on tour with them stating 

“He has a great energy about him and he really gets the crowd going” 

Devon’s album “Ride or Die” debuted at #1 on the Billboard and iTunes charts. 


Rusted Root and Devon Allman will be performing on 10/23 at Charleston Music Hall, marking their 4th stop in the last 5 years in the Holy City. Michael stated,

Charleston has a special and unique vibe. The people have a great connection to music and to our music. I can really feel it when we play. It feels real.

If you don’t live in the Charleston, South Carolina area check out one of their other upcoming tour stops! You don’t want to miss these guys!




KC & The Sunshine band release “We Belong Together”

It’s been years since 70s iconic dance group KC & The Sunshine released new music, but “We Belong Together” is bound to break boundaries between old school and new dance music. KC & The Sunshine band hit it big in the early 70s, getting their start in Florida. Their hits included “Shake Your Booty”, “That’s The Way I Like It”, “Get Down Tonight” and “Boogies Shoes”. “We Belong Together” takes a synthesized and electronica feel to dance music which is more prevalent in the club scenes today. 

“We Belong Together” is another stepping stone into their promotion of love, unity and happiness.  Harry Wayne “KC” Casey stated how he felt when he first heard “We Belong Together” 

“I remember, I had just met someone, and it was right at that beginning stage when just the sound of their name gives you butterflies. It was around the time my namesake Casey Naymen, who is a DJ and the son of my close friend Larry, brought me this track and ‘We Belong Together’ was born. It came from that feeling of just wanting to be with someone, and knowing you belong with this person.”

unnamedKC & The Sunshine Band is continuing to create new funky music for their fans and they have also began touring around the US. The remainder of their tour dates are listed below 


Check out “We Belong Together” below and don’t forget to follow their socials!







Ryan Lill Stripped Down


Up and coming singer/songwriter Ryan Lill sat down with I’m All Ears Music Blog for an exclusive interview regarding his debut album “Breakdown” due out this fall. As an unsigned, independent musician, Ryan Lill has made quite a name for himself in the music world already, and with a full-length album coming out soon we have high hopes for the Charleston bred talent. His new album digs deep into his personal life, showing more of an emotional side to his writing than he has ever released before. The album follows several EPs with singles like “Coming Out,” “Stay Young,” and “Kerosene.”

Your new album comes shortly after a breakup, how did this change your aspect on life?

I’m not sure that my breakup made me change my aspect on my life per se, but it definitely changed how I felt, which changed how I write. I think that when you’re a writer you attempt to write what you know, whatever it is that you believe to be true, the things that you’re not really good at saying out loud but still need to say. So for me, anything that I go through in my life on a personal level, be it friendships, family, relationships, or ideas, I do my best to write what I feel. I’m still the same person I was, just different, and I think my music speaks to that.

finaledit5Which song on the album was the hardest to write?

There were two songs on this album that may not have been difficult to write, but they were definitely difficult to finish. When I’m writing, I try my best to make it all makes sense, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t. You try and put your thoughts and ideas together so that there’s a story told, and sometimes there are just too many ideas rushing in at once, so you have to wait it out until things get more clear, or you just have to go with it and accept that it won’t be perfect.

The first of the difficult songs is “Whiskey,” because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before, not just lyrically, but musically. It’s such a personal one for me, but it’s actually my favorite song on this album. I think people will have lots of ideas on what the song actually means, but to me it’s just a cluster of memories. Like the smell of someone’s cologne that you’ve gotten used to, or a taste you remember that reminds you of a moment you shared with someone, or a pet peeve that you’ve come to love about another person. It’s not just a song about whiskey, it’s a song about falling in love with all the little things, even the bad ones.

The second song that I had a hard time with is a song called “Mercy.” I’ve realized that I’ve gotten really good at accepting my own personal mistakes recently, and I think sometimes I’m a little too harsh on myself, so this song kind of hit that nerve for me. Accepting your defeats, and accepting that you’re never going to be flawless or without blame is a hard thing to swallow for a lot of us. I don’t like dwelling on negative things, be them memories, words, or everyday feelings – so it was difficult for me to write about being vulnerable or hurt.

Why has it taken you so long to release new music?

Honestly, the only real reason that I have for not releasing music is that I am afraid. I always had been. I think when you’re writing something personal, or even if you’re making something that isn’t technically about you, it’s still personal, and releasing something like that to the world and taking the risk of people hating it is a little scary, and sometimes a little overwhelming. I’m not a perfectionist by any means, but when it comes to music, you can’t rush it. You can’t write what you don’t have the material to write about. I took time to live, discovering who I was as a person. I experienced things, and I was content in my life being a normal person. I’ve had moments in my professional career where I have discovered that I don’t want all of the things that come with being an artist – but I also realize now that I don’t have to. I don’t have to do or say anything I don’t want to, and I don’t have to be anyone that I’m not. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that no matter what you do or what chances you take, there’s always a risk. There’s always going to be a negative side to anything you do, you just have to tell yourself it’s going to be okay, and know that you’re doing things for yourself. I’m just not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid to succeed, or fail.

Where do you see your music taking you? How far do you want to go?

That’s a really good question, and I wish I had an excellent answer for it, but I’m not sure I do. I have always dreamed of just being able to do music full time, and making enough money to support myself with it. I have never seen myself or imagined myself getting to “taylor swift status,” but I’ll take everything that comes my way, and try my best to remain as close to myself as I can. I just want a life full of music and adventure. I want to write music that people want to hear, and I want to be able to help people as much as I can. That’s my “dream.”

As a musician, I’m sure you have a certain musical taste. Who’s featured on your spotify playlist?

Shit, there’s so many. I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to music, so they range from top 40 to the most obscure indie music you can find. Currently some of my favorites are Pheobe ryan, Julian Baker, Tegan & Sara, Birdy, Josh Rouse, Mariah McManus, Betty Who, Oh Wonder, Death Cab for cutie, paramour, and a shit ton of other artists that I cant think of. My guilty pleasure lately has been Aly & Aj… yes, the Disney ones. I’m obsessed and its not as sad as you think, they’re seriously talented.

Who is one musician you would kill to record with?

Hmm, that’s tough. I can imagine recording with a ton of other musicians, all of different genres. I think right now I’d like to collaborate and write with Halsey. I’m seriously in love with everything she writes, how she performs, and just who she is as a human being. Of course, I’d also like to do a song with my girl Meghan trainor. We would seriously create some magic.

Some dream of performing at Madison square garden or Carnegie hall, what is one venue you have dreamt of performing at?

I have actually performed at Carnegie hall, and it was magical. I have always loved really intimate settings, where I can see every single person face to face. Its terrifying, and it sends this rush of adrenaline through me, and I love it. I still shake when I’m on stage, and I don’t ever want that to go away.

Anybody who follows you on social media, can clearly see that your posts are aiming towards being “positive,” what’s inspired that?

I think a lot of things have changed in my life lately, and I’m trying my best to keep up with myself, both mentally and physically. I’ve always believed in trying your best to be as kind and open as possible, but I understand that sometimes we all fuck up. We all get down on ourselves, we get mad, and we can be seriously hateful. I just think that life is difficult enough, and the only way to make it through is to do your best to be happy with yourself, and to treat people with respect and love. It may seem a bit corny, but it has to start with someone, so why can’t that “someone” be you?

1604447_10201213917538732_1805185489_nWith everything going on in the world today, do you think being gay has affected your career positively or negatively?

I’ve always hated this type of question, because I don’t think that it should matter at all, but I’ve also come to realize that it does. I’ve never claimed to be political, or an activist of any kind, but I realize that being gay and in an industry that puts you in the public eye – you become inherently political, whether you want to or not. Everything you say is either praised or hated, by everyone. So you can choose to not talk about being openly gay, or you can accept that you are, and that you’re still a human being. I have chosen to not only accept it, but to be proud of it. I don’t think it’s affected my career in a negative way at all. A lot of my fans are gay, and a lot of the venues I play are for lgbt events and rallies. If I can make one person who’s afraid to be who they are realize that it’s okay to be “different,” then I’m doing my job not only as a musician, but as a human being. That goes for anyone, straight, gay, bi, trans, etc. we’re all human, and we’re all capable of being who we are, without hurting other people.

What are the qualities you look for when you’re dating?

Haha, at this point, I’m not even sure. I think we all want someone who understands us, and wants us to be who we are, and loves us for it. I want that. I want someone who is proud to be with me, is proud of me, and isn’t afraid of that. I know that I can be a lot to deal with sometimes, and I’ve never claimed to be flawless, ever, but I think I’m a pretty decent catch. I just want someone who is who they are, and loves me for who I am as well. someone kind, funny, and able to be forgiving and honest when it counts.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another musician?

I’ve actually gotten a lot of advice from a lot of really great artists. I remember once downtown in Charleston, chely wright spoke at an lgbt event we were having, and I sang during the middle of it. Afterwards, I spoke to her for a while, and we ended up following each other and keeping up with one another on twitter and instagram. She’s spoken to me multiple times, and has told me to “stay true to who I am, and the music I want to create.”

In new york, Meghan trainor said the same thing to me. Not only that, but to “keep writing the music you write, and being who you are.” It’s the little things like conversations you have that truly stick to you. I’m happy to have met them both, and I’ve appreciated their friendships since. I will forever be a fan of the both of them.

You don’t seem like the type who is easily offended, but what’s one thing that really bothers you?

Contrary to popular belief, I get offended a lot, actually. I think I’ve become really good at containing my reactions until I’m calm enough to realize what the appropriate response is. I have feelings like everyone else, I’ve just learned to control mine a bit more. I think people say things in the heat of the moment sometimes without thinking. I don’t think that excuses what’s been said, but I think that being able to really sit on it, and think for a while before responding is the best thing to do. I’m a firm believer in saying what you feel like you need to say, but I think that things can be worded to be mean, and things can be worded to say exactly how you feel while considering the other persons feelings.

Do you have any advice to those who want to pursue a career in music or entertainment industry?

I’m not sure I’m the best person to give anyone advice, musician or not. I think the only advice I can give is to be yourself – be who you are through and through, and don’t let anyone walk over you, change who you are, or tell you that you’re wrong for being who you are. That’s it. Stay true to yourself, and do your best to be as kind and loving as possible. You never know what someone else has been through, and you never know what part of them you’re talking to . be nice. That’s about it.


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“Loud and Heavy” by Cody Jinks

cody-jinks-photoCody Jinks’ songs are an ode to older country music. His sound can be compared to that of Sawyer Brown. He follows a slew of Texas country artists who are on the fast track of making a name for themselves. Check out “Loud and Heavy” from his album “Adobe Sessions” below. It’s an awesome musical treat. Follow him on Twitter at @codyjinksmusic 

Lauren Shera dishes about album “Gold and Rust”

If you have an amazing ear for music then you know the amount of talented artists that are heading onto the musical horizon. Lauren Shera is no exception as she dives in head first with the release of her third album “Gold and Rust”. A California native transplanted in the heart of Nashville with huge aspirations for bigger and better opportunities. She’s shared the stage with a few of americana/indie genre’s top artists including Ray LaMontagne, Jason Mraz and Billy Bragg. Featured in some of the top music publications, she has been praised for her glorious and perfectly crafted music. According to Billboard, she’s an “Americana-Flavored” artist, whom I believe is setting the bar in the genre. 

Her inspiration for “Gold and Rust” transpired from her recent move to music city, stating “There was a lot of creative fuel at the time; I was packing up and leavi1410357186_frontng my home in California and a lot of really important memories and experiences behind. So I’d been writing and reflecting on all of that and on my surroundings there along the coast where I spent so much of my life.” When asked about her single “Hell’s Bells” and how it stuck out among other songs on the album she explained ” It sticks out to me because it’s such a loaded song; emotionally and sonically, I knew it had to pack a big punch. When you’re talking about things like blatant betrayal, loss of a trusted friend, and the pain that follows, you want to choose your words really careful. I wanted to be as calculated in my statement as I felt this person had been in their actions. Shooting the video was actually really fun and playful behind the scenes, and so it was a nice way to lighten the mood behind this very dark story.”

Since arriving in Nashville, she has been hard at work introducing new music but when there is time to unwind she is usually at “Home! Already this year I’ve been on the road so much that being at home with my sweetheart and my cats and my own bed just feels like something to cherish. But if I have to leave the house you can probably find me at Bongo Java fueling my coffee addiction, or at The Holland House Bar & Refuge for their yummy food and cocktails.”. 

“I’ve just fallen so in love with Nashville and the community here. Truly some of the best and hardest working people I’ve ever met are here, raising the bar for music by just being genuine and staying true to their art. It’s so far from the glitzy country music scene that is often painted of this city.” 

Her dream artist to share the stage with? “John Prine. He is one of the only artists I grew up listening to that is still out there making magic and I just love him so much. Every time I hear him play I just cry.” 

Shera dished about her favorite artists “Joni Mitchell because she really encompasses everything I strive for in terms of her music and her style. That’s a tough one though and depending on the day it could easily go to Dylan, Prine, Young, Van Zandt….the list goes on..” but she also went on to explain if it wasn’t for the music influences and the gift she encompasses she would most likely be attending Culinary School. She stated “Culinary school was always my plan B. I love cooking and baking and I would love to travel around learning how to cook food from all different cultures.” Boy would I love to see what she has going on the Kitchen, if it’s anything like her music I’m sure it’s a REAL treat. 

“I’m All Ears” also found something interesting out about Shera that no one really knows. She loves to write about the ocean because she is inspired by its presence by growing up on the Pacific Coast but she’s absolutely terrified to swim in it. She went on to say ” I absolutely refuse to go in no matter how clear or warm the water is. I can’t handle not knowing what’s beneath me!”. I know the feeling Lauren, I live on the East Coast in the city of Charleston, South Carolina and I love the presence of the ocean but I’m not a big fan of what’s in the ocean. 

She hopes that in the coming years “Having music be a means to travel and see new places is about as much as I could ask for. I just want to know that I can make records that will be heard, that I can go out and do a solid tour and have it be well received, and let that hold me over so I can also have the balance of being at home with my loved ones.” 

As a word to her fans and those who are intrigued by her music she states ” Thanks! Our culture is saturated with music and sometimes it feels like it’s hard to grasp on to one sound in all that noise. I’m always grateful to those who are willing to take a chance on something new and lend me their ears and their support”. 

Listen to Hell’s Bells below 

Keep on eye on Lauren Shera via Social Media as she rises to the top of her genre

Her album “Gold and Rust” available on iTunes today! 

Jon Wolfe set to release Natural Man

Jon Wolfe is a transplant from Oklahoma living like a true Texan. His new album Natural Man is set to release March 31st. His sound is very Old School country, it’s a mix of a young George Strait and Joe Nichols. 


The album is set to include 13 full-length songs 

If Your Lonely Too 

That’s What I’m Talking About

Smile on Mine 

It Just Feels Right 

Outrun Her Memory

Don’t It Feel Good 

She Beats All I’ve Ever Seen 

Singin’ Thing 

Natural Man

What Are You Doin’ Right Now

I’m Doin’ Alright

Married to Nothin’

When I Get to Heaven

A previous album was featured on the Billboard Album Charts at #34 for Country Music. Which led to it being re-released as a Deluxe Album under Warner Music Nashville. He has also sold over 25, 000 units collectively. His new album Natural Man is bound to set the bar for a comeback of old school sounding country music that we all love and miss amongst the current radio hits. He’s the George Strait of 2015. 920x920

I can’t wait for you guys to have the chance to listen to his new album, it’s country music at its finest. It’s an album you’ll be wanting to listen to on repeat. My personal favorite songs are It Just Feels Right and Natural Man. 

You can keep up with Jon Wolfe via Social Media

Maybe you could even catch him out on his “Natural Man Album Release Tour” 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Radio Texas Live with Buddy Logan @ Coach’s & Cowboy’s
8374 Paluxy Drive, Tyler, TX 75703 (United States) – Map
(903) 266-9377
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Friday, March 27, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Brewster Street Icehouse
1724 N Tancahua, Corpus Christi, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $15/$20 with CD pre-sale, $20/$25 with CD DOS
Buy Now
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Jon Wolfe @ Schroeder Hall
12516 FM 622, Goliad, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 9:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $10 (Adv), $12 (DOS)
Buy Now
Monday, March 30, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Listening Party @ Willie’s Joint
Buda, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 7:00 PM
All Ages
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Stage It Release Event @ Gibson Guitar Showroom
3601 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: Stay tuned to win tickets and be part of the live audience!
Friday, April 3, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Midnight Rodeo
2201 E Ben White Blvd., Austin, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $12/$20 with CD Pre-sale, $15/$20 with CD DOS
Buy Now
Also Playing: Ray Johnston Band
Saturday, April 4, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Wild West
2216 I-27, Lubbock, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $12/$20 with CD Pre-sale, $15/$20 with CD DOS
Buy Now
Also Playing: Ray Johnston Band
Friday, April 10, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Floore’s Country Store
14464 Old Bandera Road, Helotes, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $15/$20 with CD pre-sale, $20/$25 with CD DOS
Buy Now
Also Playing: Mario Flores
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Banita Creek Hall
401 W Main St., Nacogdoches, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Friday, April 17, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Midnight Rodeo
2581 Sunset Dr, San Angelo, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $12/$20 with CD Pre-sale, $15/$20 with CD DOS
Buy Now
Saturday, April 18, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Waylon and Ray’s
411 South Broadway, Brownwood, TX 76801 (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $10/$20 with CD
Thursday, April 23, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon
803 E. Nasa Rd. 1, Webster, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $10/$20 with CD
Friday, April 24, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Big Texas Saloon
19959 Holzwarth Road, Spring, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $10/$20 with CD
Saturday, April 25, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ The Wild Horse Desert Round Up
Bishop, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
All Ages
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Coach’s & Cowboy’s
8374 Paluxy Drive, Tyler, TX 75703 (United States) – Map
Set: 11:00 PM
Thursday, April 30, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Billy Bob’s Texas
2520 Rodeo Plz., Fort Worth, TX 78610 (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $10/$20 with CD
Buy Now
Friday, May 8, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ Midnight Rodeo
4400 South Georgia, Amarillo, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $12/$20 with CD Pre-sale, $15/$20 with CD DOS
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Jon Wolfe – “Natural Man” Album Release Party @ City Limits
1907 East Washington, Stephenville, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 10:00 PM
Tickets: $10/$15 with CD
Friday, May 29, 2015
Jon Wolfe @ Silver Saloon
1708 State Highway 34 S, Terrell, TX (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
Tickets: $10
Buy Now
Friday, October 23, 2015
Jon Wolfe @ Country Cruising
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages

Kaleo releases “All The Pretty Girls” EP via NoiseTrade

Iceland’s own Kaleo releases their “All The Pretty Girls” EP via NoiseTrade before the kickoff of their debut US Tour. Kaleo is a rock band with influences such as Hozier, Vance Joy and Of Monsters and Men. Kaleo is made up of four members, Jökull Júlíusson (Vocals/Guitar), Davíð Antonsson (Percussion/Vocals), Daníel Ægir Kristjánsson (Bass) and Rubin Pollock (Guitar). 

Their sound is very harmonious and their raw talent shows throughout every song of the EP. Their style is very indie but has a pop vibe to it. Their EP consists of three songs: 

“All The Pretty Girls”


“Broken Bones”

Check out their music video for “All The Pretty Girls” below

Check them out on tour:


Follow Kaleo on Social Media: